Courageous Churchmen 2023

The Pastor as Leader | February 6–8, 2023
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The turbulent days in which we live make it no small task to keep our churches ahead of the flood of new challenges we face. Unfortunately, what all of this rapid change has exposed is a growing leadership vacuum within evangelicalism that is marked by confusion and compromise. In times like these the sheep desperately need pastors who will to lead with biblical clarity and conviction. This year’s Courageous Churchmen conference will address the topic “The pastor as leader”. We will look together at the biblical principles that should drive our leadership during these difficult and sobering times. We are confident it will be a riveting time of teaching combined with engaging panel discussions and rich fellowship times for all who are able to come! For more information please watch this year’s video from Pastor Jerry Wragg.

We are also very excited to offer some post-conference intensives as a new addition this year. Those who sign up for these intensives will receive an additional day of focused, interactive teaching on the topic of their choice. Each of these sessions are intended to encourage careful thinking on strategic issues related to pastoral ministry. Post-conference participants will choose one of the intensives from the list below.



From Exegesis to Exposition Workshop – Matt Waymeyer

For a cohort of pastors who want to refine their ability to preach the New Testament, this advanced two-session workshop will focus on the process of deriving a homiletical proposition and outline from the divinely inspired structure of the Greek text. To provide a high level of training, this workshop will be reserved for those who possess a working knowledge of Greek that allows them to exegete the New Testament in its original language. In preparation, participants will be required to do a small amount of reading and some preliminary work on a specific passage that will serve as a model for the process. The smaller size and intimate setting of this study session will provide ample opportunity for interaction and mutual sharpening of one another.

Note: If you are either a current TES student or a TES graduate who has taken Matt’s class, “Sermonic Prep of the Greek Text,” we encourage you to register for one of the other intensives since this one will cover the same ground as that course.

The Pastor as Apologist & Theologian – Jerry Wragg & Lance Quinn

Designed to be engaging and interactive sessions to discuss these two crucial subjects in every pastors ministry. In the first session Jerry Wragg will discuss The Pastor as Apologist. The focus will be to unpack the most common methodologies held today regarding how to commend and defend the Christian faith to unbelievers. While each of these apologetical methods have certain strengths, they also have inherent weaknesses, rendering them ultimately insufficient for the task. This interactive session will spur on thoughtful discussion regarding the deficiencies of these various methods, as well as lay out a truly biblical apologetic which must form the very foundation upon which all ministry is built. In the second session Lance Quinn will discuss The Pastor as Theologian. The goal will be to challenge pastors to pursue their ministries with a decided and distinctive theological awareness. Even the most theologically grounded pastors can easily find themselves so busy with the “practical” aspects of their work that they struggle to take the time necessary for robust theological reflection. If that pattern continues a pastors ministry will suffer due to the lack of theological stimulation that is essential to enhance his teaching, preaching and overall leadership as a man of God. This session will include much discussion on the principles and best practices for the pastor to faithfully carry out his theological task. The aim will be to carefully combine the twin components of holy orthodoxy and healthy orthopraxy.

Church Music and Corporate Worship Practicum – Dan Kreider and Todd Murray

This intensive will be specifically for music ministers and leaders to sharpen their thinking for leading God’s people in corporate worship. We will discuss various aspects of music ministry in four areas: theology, service planning, leadership, and skill development. One session will feature a panel of experienced music ministers and we will also offer an informal evening of corporate worship. Our goal is to make this time as focused, helpful, and encouraging as possible. We’ll also be gathering questions and requests from attendees in the coming months to shape the content of the sessions around the issues most urgent in the ministries of those attending.

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